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The environmental aspects of logistics are increasingly at the heart of decision making by our clients alongside good customer service and price. Clients still need to get their goods safely from A to B but how environmentally this is done has become far more important. The number of journeys will only increase but we can ensure that all trips and operations are as environmentally efficient as possible.

DNA takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. By making and promoting even small changes and reviewing key processes, we are trying to minimise our impact on our working environments and take a proactive approach to continuously improve efficiency over time. This means that even with an increasing workload we will aim to reduce our existing carbon footprint and increase efficiency for our customers.

We know that this is an increasingly important aspect for clients who want their logistics managed by a company that is dynamically and positively changing their environmental impact.

Key to this is educating employees in key environmental issues that affect our business and enforcing best practice in procedures. This includes minimising the production of waste and energy where possible and making journeys as efficient as possible, for example, planning jobs so that journeys are optimised with multiple deliveries will reduce emissions and increase efficiency. As ISO 9001 and 14001 holders, we regularly review, minimise and control waste, pollution and materials and promote the use of recyclable materials.

DNA will regularly review all of the organisation’a activities from an environmental perspective. We will then reassess our approach to ensure that it remains central to our activity and key processes. This will be extended, where possible, to our suppliers and even regular clients. We will, for example consider alternative fuels that will lead to lower emissions as and when it becomes commercially viable to do so.

Our senior management lead on such policies to ensure that they are recognised and continuously enforced through all areas of our activities.

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