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Tony Bunn – Director / Founder

Having started my career in the air cargo consolidation arena in 1988 I went on to carve out a niche in the Cargo GSSA business until 2005. At this point I found the constant desire of owing my own business too much to ignore and whilst looking for the next widget to invent I brought a van and told Danielle I was going to do some courier work as a change in direction. The rest as they say is history……I have always had a passion for finding unique solutions to moving goods from A to B and have a never say no attitude, which has served us well over the last 15 years. I quickly realised I didn’t need a new widget to sell but take a service already offered and make it better in some way. Largely the team we have built through loyalty and trust is our USP. Without these fantastic staff members we wouldn’t have a product to offer and I am very proud to be able to put so much back into where I was brought up, through employment and support of the local communities.

Danielle Bunn – Director / Founder

I’m very proud of my DNA team, we are truly one big family and all equal. My staff are long term, committed individuals that want to be part of something good, feel appreciated within the workplace and valued in everything they do. Equally we always welcome new staff members to the “family” with open arms.
There really is nothing I would ask of anyone that I’m not prepared to do it myself. I still drive the HGVs to help my operations team out, I can drive a forklift as and when I need to as well as keeping a focus on customers’ needs by answering the telephones.
I’m also proud to say that we still have a lot of original customers from DNAs launch, which speaks volumes in the way we treat our customers and their individual needs. Nothing really is too much to ask from us.
Myself being bought up within the haulage industry has given me great insight to everyday operations and equally the challenges that this brings giving me a diverse outlook.


I have been involved in logistics for over 20 years largely associated with high volume parcel network and more recently pallets networks & sameday operations.
I am particularly focused on Customer service and cost control. I like to make ensure all customer enquiries and queries are answered efficiently and effectively, with all cost options or problems fully investigated reaching a first time resolution whilst portraying a professional image of DNA at all times.
My key role within DNA is to see that all clerical and Customer Service processes are completed in accordance within our KPI’s, measured for compliance and monitored to reduce failure costs and improve customer satisfaction. I have only been with DNA for a short time but feel that DNA offer the best for their customers and their clients at all times and I am loving working for a company that cares about their staff and customer’s alike.


Having worked for several of the largest logistics providers over the last 7 years I can honestly say that I enjoy working in a fast pace environment that consistently challenges me on a daily basis. I thrive in the thick of it and find it ultimately satisfying when the client gets their goods on time despite the hidden pressure in the background to achieve this.  Working closely with a team of like minded individuals makes any obstacles easy to overcome.  I enjoy my work and strive to help the company grow and look to see how far we can go together. Moreover the position I have now found myself in at DNA is one of trust and inclusion. I now have the creative freedom to use my knowledge and experience to both help the client and the business to mutual benefit.  Every day is something different and that above everything is an environment that I thrive in.


With more than 20 years’ experience within the logistics industry, brings a competent and professional manner to the team. Customer focused. Understands the challenges of day to day logistics, ensuring we deliver the right product at the right time to the right location.


Welcome to DNA, my name is Sam and I have been with the business for nearly a year now. My aim and area to cover here at DNA is to drive and grow customer sales, together with ensuring customer retention….keeping in touch with our very important customer base, as I like to put it! I come from a strong background in Customer Service over the last 25 years, within the Communications, High Street Retail and Travel sectors, so the Transport sector is very new to me. That said, I believe wanting to ensure Customer Service is always of paramount importance, is part of your personal ‘DNA’, so wherever I am I hope this will always shine through….I enjoy people and talking to them and my own ethos has always been ‘know what your customers want and what your company does best and focus on where those two meet’. I am so very pleased to say this is completely the ethos the ‘DNA team’ work towards every day, so it’s a pleasure to be part of this team!

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